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Brett Amidan

Current RSD School Board Position 4

"I've never seen a new candidate more qualified to run for Richland School Board. Plus she brings the perspective of a young mom and educator of young minds to the board that is currently not there. Plus, she's really easy to talk to and you can tell she cares."

Kimberly Heath (3)

Kimberly Heath

Benton County Republican State Committee Woman

"It is an honor to support Kari Williams, the most qualified and well prepared candidate running for Richland School Board.  From her own education, including a Masters degree in Education, to teaching for many years and having full responsibility for the learning in her classroom, to working on committees involved with the Richland School District, her resume is unparalleled.

Kari also has experience from being a Mother of five bright children, each with a passion for learning.
Join me in voting for Kari Williams for Richland School Board Position 4!"
Rep. Brad Klippert, R-8

Representative Brad Klippert

8th District WA State Representative

Kristen A. Jenson, MA

founder of Protect Young Minds and best-selling author of Good Pictures Bad Pictures

"I enthusiastically endorse Kari Williams for the Richland School Board. Both of us share a passion for protecting and educating young children. Kari has a master’s degree in Education, and as a parent has been actively involved in curriculum decisions for years. Kari is a strong advocate for keeping students safe from harmful content on our schools’ computers and understands the duty of care the school has in providing training on safe use of technology. Her influence will increase parent trust and help put our area’s children on the best path forward to becoming healthy and contributing citizens. Kari is devoted to our children's education and has the track record to prove it! I invite everyone to vote for the most qualified candidate--Kari Williams."

BC Rep Party

Benton County Republican Party