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Letters to the Editor

I want to express my support for Kari Williams, who is running for the Richland School Board, Position No. 4. She has a well-rounded perspective on the issues facing our schools as a former educator, mother and volunteer. I worked with Kari several years ago in generating support for a school bond and saw firsthand her passion for doing what is best for students -- which means supporting teachers, expecting administration transparency and working with parents. Kari has the right blend of experience and perspective. She isn’t ‘political.’ She will listen. She will be transparent. And she can be trusted to do what is best not what is easy. I look forward to voting for Kari and having her sensibility, knowledge and listening attitude on the Board.

-Staci A. West, Richland (July 28, 2019)

As I learned about the school board candidates in the upcoming Richland election, I couldn’t help but be impressed by Kari Williams. She has previously served the district by co-chairing the Richland Citizens for Good Schools Committee and being a member of the Instructional Materials Committee.

She has degrees related to education and was an elementary school teacher. She has no political agenda and is running against three men who have each run multiple times for political positions, not winning any of their elections.

She is a young mom of five children who are or will be attending (schools) in the district. The Richland School Board is missing the voice of a young mother with such a deep educational background. I’ve never seen a more qualified and needed voice for the Richland School Board.

-Brett Amidan, West Richland (July 26, 2018)


Kari Williams is the most qualified candidate I have ever seen running for any school board position. Kari’s education and life choices have prepared her to run for Richland School Board Position 4.

Her strengths include the following qualifications:

  • Earned a BS in psychology, with emphasis in adolescent psychology
  • Earned her master’s degree in education with an emphasis in teaching and learning
  • Years of experience in teaching a classroom and being responsible for the education of her students for the entire year
  • Experience and understanding of teaching students with special needs
  • Experience teaching in Title One schools. Personally understands unique challenges which students, teachers and administrators face in these schools
  • Served on the Richland School District IMC (Instructional Materials Committee)
  • Served as co-chair for a recent bond issue campaign

Richland School Board needs an educator, not a politician on the board. No other candidate running for Richland School Board has this unique set of skills and experiences. More info can be found at www.kari4rsd.com

I invite you to join me in voting for Kari Williams, Richland School Board position 4.

-Kimberly Heath, Richland (August 20, 2019)

My name is Kari Williams and I am running for Richland School Board Director Position Four. I am a proud Tri-Cities native. While working as an Elementary School Teacher, I earned my Master’s degree in Education from the University of Utah. Through the use of my teaching background and higher education I will bring a unique and much needed perspective to the Richland School Board.

We need a teacher on our school board to help make district decisions. My experience as a teacher will help me to see solutions to problems that others, who have never had their own classroom, would simply miss. I strongly believe that teachers, para-educators, parents, and staff who work directly with our children should be the guiding force behind district decisions.

My husband and I love raising our five young children in this great community that has strong family values. I recently completed a two-year term on RSD’s Instructional Materials Committee where I was an advocate for developmentally appropriate curriculum that supported those values.

I would greatly appreciate your vote in this upcoming election!

-Kari Williams, Richland (July 25, 2019)